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Dental Implant: Everything you Need to Know About!

The overall health care includes dental care that has also become a necessity for millions of people. In spite of the improvements in the dental care industry, people complain regarding gum disease and tooth decay. The reason behind this is the usage of low-quality toothpaste and improper oral care. A few years back, the options were limited to fixing dentures and dental bridge, but these days, there are multiple alternatives to improve oral hygiene and dental care.


The oral dental implant surgeons now fix teeth and replace the missing teeth with implant procedures. You can approach the dentist near me for a single tooth dental implant procedure or any other method that best meets your needs.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a process through which a surgeon replaces missing teeth. And it is done with the help of an abutment, the doctor injects implants into the jawbone and it acts as an anchor for an artificial tooth, called the crown. The dental implants are of two types ie;  endosteal and subperiosteal. 

The dental implant cost in Houston is around $4,186. Also, it varies as per the conditions and treatments required by one. 


Pros and Cons of Procedure

Following are some of the benefits of the Dental Implant Procedure -  

  • Great Comfort- Dental implants provide great comfort and prevent issues of removing dentures.
  • Easy to Chew and Eat- Dentures may not fit exactly and there remain chances of slipping while you eat food. With the dental implant, you can easily eat and chew food.
  • Good Oral Health Care- Dental implants need not require modification or adjustment. This ensures more natural teeth left unharmed, thus, improves dental hygiene in the long term.
  • Change in Appearance- The dental implants are designed to fuse easily, they look permanent, improve the facial appearance and feel like natural teeth.
  • Speech Improvement- Unlike the slurring and mumbling due to dentures, the dental implants remain at their place, do not slip, and ensure better speech.

With these pros, however, there are certain cons also. Some of them are:


A dental implant is a surgical procedure, so there are chances of complications and risks.


Pain, swelling, and bruising can occur at the site of the implants.


The nerve may get damaged which may increase pain, numbness in teeth and gums.


The possibility of temporary swelling and bruising on the face and in the gums.


May cause inflammation in the gums.


Time-consuming and needs multiple visits to the dentist.


Cost is the major con that may affect your budget.

With these pros and cons of the procedure, one can gain knowledge about it. Also, you can consult the dentist before taking the treatment.

Besides the dental implant, other issues include general extractions, facial trauma, TMJ disorder, or more for which a person may consult the dentist and ask for suitable treatment. If you are in search of a dentist in your area in less time, the online directories are the best resources to get in touch with the experts in less time.

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